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19 Mar 2021
*At the beginning of this thread i want to say, systems and offering things are not mine, i am the menager of my good friend (Programist) which offers that all.*

What we can offer:

- Coding GUI and panels of client (like intrologin).
- Writing quests.
- Writing systems.

IMPORTANT: If you want order something from us, describe exactly what you want so as not to waste time on unnecessary dialogues.

Some systems for sell.

Gui for change attribute for item

The operation is simple, you drag item for change attribute into the item, attribute changes and window opens.
There are 2 versions, with max attribute visible and without max attribute visible.
ItemShop InGame

What can I say, the ability to buy premium items in the game, in a nice and clear GUI.

- Manupilating the ItemShop from Mysql.
- No need to reset server to reload ItemShop.
Promotional code

GUI allow you to enter a promotional code to claim your reward.

- All configurations in Mysql.
- 4 types of reward: Item, Yang, Level and Coin (Premium Shop).
- 2 types of code: One-time code and certain amount of use.
Daily rewards

System allow to get reward every 24 hours.

- Configuration in Mysql.
- At the moment, only one type of reward: Item.
Save position

Gui allow to save positions of the map.

- Configurations in source.
- Ability to edit the name of the positions.
- Ability to block save positions on individual maps.
- Ability to check needed item to teleport on save position.
GUI of teleport

- Ability to set minimum level and needed item to teleport.
- Configuration in source and python.
New refine window

Refine window has been significantly changed and added option to increase chance to upgrade with added points.
- Configuration in source and python.
Shop with marmures

GUI allows you to buy marble for Yang + extra points and remove the transformation.

- Configuration in source and python.
- Earning points by dragging a specific item on a specific NPC (changeable at will).
System of block character

GUI allows you to protect your character in terms of blocking various functions.
After the first login, a GUI appears with the forced creation of a lock code, then after each closed client and re-entry to the character, there is a force to enter the code and unlock the character.

- You don't enter the code - the character is blocked.

- Ability to disable code authorization.
- Before user authorization, the character has blocked:

• Move, drop, put on, take off and sell items.
• Opening a chat, npc dialog, mission, status, skills, character emotions, inventory, safebox etc.
• Start a new conversation and reply to conversations.
• Sending messages in global and normal chat.
• Using items from the taskbar.

Standard functions are blocked, the owner of this system, of course has the option to block his systems/windows and functions.
Pet system

System of exp pet with skins.

- Pet exploration up to 60 level.
- Ability to equip skin on pet.
- Ability to equip special ring to increase pet exp.
- Develop pet skills to level P with points you earn while killing monsters and a special book.
- Pet bonuses adhere to character, that is, when you summon a new pet, it will have the same bonuses as the previous one.
System of shinings

System ability to equip effects of weapon and armor.

- 2 extra slots in the costume windows, one for weapon effect and one for armor effect.
- Permament and temporary effects.
Ranking with devoted items

GUI shows the ranking of the devoted items by players and allows the item to devote.

- Configuration item and time in Mysql.
- No server reset is required to load changes.
System of events

System allows to create and close event.

- Ability to choose event to start, choose chance of drop and time of event.
- Simple and fast way to add new event in questlib, no integration in quest.
- Clear and simple GUI informing about active events and last time to end of event.
- Automatic ended event when time will end.
- Automatic notice informing about active event and ended event.
System of biolog

GUI allows you to donate biologist items without having to constantly "fly" to the NPC.
Changes bag

The item allows you to store the changes and extract them from it.

There are 2 options:

- When you take off last changes from item, item disappears.
- When you take off last changes from item, item doesn't disappears and leaves information about the lack of stored changes.
Belt attributes

System works like boning items, adding a random bonus and changing them.

The offer will be expanded over time with new systems and solutions.

When you buy something from us, you get:

- Unlimited support about systems and solutions.
- Help with implementation code.
- Updates of systems and solutions.
Anything from us will be prepare with your language.

Contact: Discord: Zoom#8271 and PM here.
Payment: PayPal.​
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