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Serverfiles V2.2.3 DnD Overview - 12.12.2020​


Serverfiles details:
-This serverfiles started from a [Serverfiles Clean 2009]
-I started developing it on [03.12.2017]

What they sell:
-Selling serverfiles stable , very good , very organized and problem free.
-Pictures/video: On request I can provide (Share Screen) on skype or anydesk to make a presentation of the serverfiles as thorough and as current as possible.

-Most current V2.2.6 screenshots: Infomanii - Din pasiune pentru jocuri !

-Payment methods: Bank(BT). PayPal, Western-Union, RevoluT, Paysafe, Monese.

Under what conditions and in how long you receive the services or resources:
-Usually the file preparation time is between 20 and 30 minutes (Installation included).

-PACKAGE I - Serverfile + Client, Game&Db Source, Binary Source (Client), Technical Support 1 month, Chat Support (unlimited), (free unlimited install)
-PACKAGE II - Serverfile + Client, Chat Support (2 Months) , (free install 3x)
-PACKET III - Serverfile + Client, Chat support (1 Month) , (free install 1x)

Serverfiles can be purchased in 2, 3 or more installments with at least one payment due date.
-You can buy serverfiles separately without sources at half the price.
-Dissatisfied customers will be refunded the amount paid before 48 hours of use for customers who bought the serverfiles without sources.
-There is no fixed price for serverfiles as discounts of between 20%-40% are often applied and updates and fixes are added to the price at the time of purchase of the serverfiles.

-To find out the CURRENT price of Serverfiles please contact me:
Contact: Skype : vladutzvladutz2
Discord : DnD#7215
Email: apocalipto_apollo@yahoo.com


I am not responsible for servers purchased from other possible sellers of Disturb V2.0 serverfiles or higher. . Many who try to sell it to you will give it to you incomplete and besides you will be floored when you enjoy it more. In other words be careful who you trust, not everything that flies is eaten!
Any of these systems can be removed at the customer's request

Those who buy serverfiles from RoyalHost ,or other companies/people DO NOT get updates or support. So those of you who buy elsewhere ask for support from whoever you bought it from.


Systems Details (Installed Features):

1:Wings System (Adds a special effect for scarves).

2:Smoke System(Effecte) (Use special items that give an armor effect to your costume or even your weapon).

3:System Costume Mount like horse. (Allows you to ride a powerful Battle Seal).
3.1:Mount scale (When the mount is not mounted it will be the size of a pet and when mounted it becomes normal).

4:Biologist System (This system will offer special bonuses upon completion).

5:Crafting/Cube/Refining (Renewal) System.

6:Quest Category (Renewal).

7:Render Target System (You will be able to see the appearance and effect of armor, weapons, skins, 3d weapons, mounts before you can wear them).

8:Buy With Items system (You will be able to buy items from shops with other special items) e.g. (Premium wings on the server will be bought with Euro).

9:Hide System (This system will give you the ability to hide (optional)(Scarf,Weapon Skin,Suit and Haircut) when equipped!
9.1:Hide extended system (This system will give you the ability to see what items the player you are going into battle with is hiding)

10:Reborn System (This system will give you incredible power to kill high level monsters).

11:Buff Item System (Items that used will give you buff) (Reflex , Dragon Power, Blessing ,M,G or P).

12:Hide Effects System (Hide unwanted or lag effects)

13:Equipment View System(+Option/Block Button) -Offers the ability to view a player's equipment.

14: Professional Titles System.(You can acquire AND titles for free just for your activity during game time)

15:Extra Refine System (A new item upgrade system)(In the V2.0.4 update of the serverfiles the function
checkbox in this system(this function allows you to keep the upgrade window open or closed depending on your preferences)

16: Dungeon List + Timer System (It will show you the available dungeons, requirements, and teleport you to the guard npc)

17:Wheel of Fortune (Spin the wheel and get valuable prizes).

18:Official Bonus System (Shows you the bonuses you have accumulated per character by pressing the "C" key).

19:Coins System (A shop where you can buy items with a new coin)

20:Special Storage System (This system is actually a special storage system where you can store (Upgrades, Stones, Books, Ore/Pesti, Special Buffers)

21:System Box Drop Info. (Gives the ability to see the possible dropping of owned chests).

22:Mob Drop Item System (Provides the ability to see the possible dropping of monsters).

23:Target HP-PV system (HP-PV total players / HP-PV total monsters).
23.1: Percent HP system (HP-PV in percent players / HP-PV in percent monsters).
23.2: Dynamic HP System (Monsters) (Damage given to a monster will appear coloured blue)
23.3: Poison Hp System (Players in the group , or monsters infected by poison will have their HP/ViP appear green until the poison is gone).

23.4:Monster Info System (Show level and/or aggression of monsters (Optional) )

24: Pickup system with options(It will pick up the desired items on the ground in a very short time)

25:Letter system (Collect letters, complete the crossword and win prizes)

26:Barbut/Dice System (On items).

27:BattlePass System (Show your skills and complete missions then get unique prizes!)

28:Emoji System (In chat and PM' you will be able to use signs like on the old yahoo messenger).

29:Time Upgrade System (Use the time extension scroll by (1,3 or 5 days) for costumes and haircuts)

30:Offline Shop System(Functions: Shop Name Range , Search Offline Shop V1.0, Hide Shops, Seen Shop, NameColor Seen Shop, Offline Shop PM to creator) (A shop that will stay online when the power goes out )

31:Companion System (Egg + Biscuit + Transport Box + Skill Cards).

31.2:Now the companions will get an Extra bonus for each evolution!

32:Experience Bottle (A bottle in which your experience will be collected when the anti exp ring is activated, and when it is full of experience it can be used by receiving experience points accumulated during battles)

33:Experience Lock/Unlock System (Allows you to lock experience and thus you will not accumulate exp points if you want to stuff items).

34:HD Graphics System (This system will give you an enjoyable view of the Metin2 world throughout the game time)

35:Skin System (Weapon Skin/Weapon Costumes)

36:Sash/Acce System.

37:Bonus System 6/7 (Implemented/Functional) but (Deactivated/No longer in game)

38:Maintenance System (Announces the time you will be doing maintenance and the estimated maintenance time) (Notification only).

39:Clever Bot System (talks and asks players based on answers) (a novel helper)

40:ItemShop In Game System (Can be edited by the game admin adding even bonus items, with other timings)
or even add discounts to an item or a whole category of items. (Edits will appear Global -> all players will be notified
when there are discounts or new items are added to the itemshop.

41:Full Notice (when using the /b command by an administrator, the writing will appear globally (for all players) (same as in OX)

42: Portable Shop System (On the taskbar will now be available the remote shops (General Mage, Grajdar, Alchemist, Weapons, Armor)

43: Pet System (Normal pet system) - (Slot on inventory)

44:Swichbot C++ (With automatic message when bonus item is finished)

45:MailBox System (This system will help you to send online/offline players/ messages, items or even money)

46:Element System (You can fight the most powerful bosses using elemental power)

47:Talisman System (Equip Talismans to get extra bonuses that will help you in battle)

Installed Features:

0: Drop & Destroy function

1:Anti Spam chat/whisper function (Once you spam the spammer will automatically get 1Min. mute)

2:Anti Spam advertisement function (Once an advertisement is made, the author of the advertisement will automatically get banned 30Min.)

3:Anti Spam Liquor/Elixir function (Liquor/Elixir cannot be used if the effect is already active.)

4:Anti Spam Wheel&Water function& (These can be used 5 seconds after entering the game.)

5:Item Code Function (When you are GM each item has a description of its value/code)

6:Function Disappearance of unnamed items (Discarded items will disappear after 6 seconds).

7: Disappearance function Named items (Named items will disappear in 30 seconds).

8:Automatic Server Start Function (When the server experiences an unexpected shutdown it will start automatically).

9:Auto Pick-Up Objects/Yang Function (Pick up objects and yang automatically when the function is enabled)
9:Auto Pickup System

10:Night/Zip Function (You can set Night/Zip from the game settings)

11:Snowfall Function(You can set Snowfall from the game settings)

12:Snow Texture Function (You can set Snow Texture/Normal Texture from game settings)

13:Blur function (You can set Blur from the game settings)

14:Scale function to Companions (Companions will increase in size with their level)

15:Link In Chat function (Gives the possibility to share a link)

16:Quick Exit Function

17:Color Yang Function (Yang colored according to the amount)

18:Friend Online Function(Get notified when a friend joins the game!)

19:Global Chat

Other Functions:
0:Time + Date in Chat.
1:Quest: Delete Items from selected inventories I I I III IV & All.
2:New sounds on upgrade & fail item upgrade.
3:New companions from League Of Legends (Fizz Rabbit & Fizz from the Void)
4:Quest Chest Weapons & Armour (Gives items depending on the level of the player who opens it)
5:Time + Minute of sending a message.
6:A new effect for absorbing scarves (19%-25%)
7:Wait time for reading cards is 0sec.
8:Chance to succeed in reading a skill card is 90%.
10:Inventory with appearance (Male/Female)
11:Items with 0 yang price will have [Free] attribute.
12:Skill Sword Aura (Toogle ON/OFF)
13:Teleport Ring (All Maps/Regions)
14:New Emotions (Warm Up / Dance7 / Angry / Selfie / Float and others)
15: Points Vouchers (1,5,10,50,100PTC)
16:MD Vouchers (1,5,10,50,100,500MD)
17:Euro vouchers (1,5,10,50,100,500Euro)
18:Crypto FoxFx

Server Details:
Server ready for PvM Medium to PvM Hard.(Can be easily changed to pvp or pvm easy)
Current Max Level: 250 -Editable.
Maximum Yang:110,000,000,000.
Weapon Evolutions: Battle-Sirius-Cianite.(Weapons above level 105 will be obtained from special dungeons)
Armor Evolutions: Black Steel-Possed-Cianite. (Weapons above level 105 will be obtained from special dungeons)
Accessory Evolutions: Accessories will be crafted at level 55 (Soul Crystal, Ruby, Garnet, Emerald, Sapphire (Accessories above level 105 will be obtained from special dungeons)
Drop Cards: "Yes"/No (Chests)
Drop Stones: "Yes"/No (Chests)
Upgrade Store: "Yes"/No
Biologist: "Yes"/No

Rates:They are set in mobi you can only change them higher by command /priv_empire ! At base without this command mobs give Pvm-Medium experience.
Server reads SQL can move to .txt

Tower of Demons(Lv.40)
Metin Stone Map (Lv.75)
Devil's Catacomb (Lv.75)
Crystal Chamber (Lv.75)
Tower of Nemere (Lv.90)
Razador's Purgatory (Lv.90)
Farm Map (Lv.90-115)
Ancient Pyramid Dungeon (Lv.115-130)
Dungeon Cave of the Deep (Lv.130-150)
Demon Catacomb Dungeon (Lv.150-175)
Chamber of Wisdom Dungeon (Lv.175-200)
Map Farm(Owl Dungeon)(Lv.200-250)

Other services offered for a fee:
Create/Edit/Install quests.
-Implementation of Armor/Weapons/Accessories/Objects.
-Implementing new Effecte - > Weapons / Weapons.mde / Armors / Costumes / Skins.
-Implementation/Removal Systems.
-Fix Client/Server errors.
-Fix Server exploits.
-Fix warnings sources.
-Install Autopatcher.
-Change Lz0 Client Decrypter.
-Functional and full systems sale/installation.

Updates Versions [2.2.6], [2.2.7] .
1:Added (C++ function/option) to show monster Aggression and monster level.
2:Removed hide costume/face/skin system due to problems saving the hide/show configuration.
3:Installed a new 100% functional hide costume/essence/face/skin system.
4:Fixed LINK ITEM from special repository.
5:Re-installed item sorting system in inventory 100% functional.
6:Emoji Chat&Pm System. (pictures below).
7:Fixed (Time in store for type 16 33)(Time in inventory for type 16 33).
8:Added function (antiflag tooltip) (pictures below).
9:System [C++] QUEST_RENEWAL + Category added
10:Missions have been set to categories corresponding to the Quest Renewal system.
11:System [C++] Cube Renewal added
12:Cube Renewal System crash core fixed (Crafting/Refining New Version)
13:Added stackable item that increases Crafting/Refinement chance.
14:95% of the entire Quest Renewal System has been translated.
15:Added Dungeon Info System Functional (Timers are Working)
Pictures 2.2.6 -> Infomanii - Din pasiune pentru jocuri !
16:Fixed all warnings on binary source created over time due to some systems (not disabled but fixed)
17:Reborn FULL system has been implemented 100% functional. (tested)
18:Render target + emoji system. on the shift button will show models to (armor suits scarves mounts)
19:Fixed the black otelets that had a problem with the dds texture where at distance they appeared white.
20:Added shop in map2 at Deokbae.

21:Exp_Bottle system (Experience bottle, it will collect experience and when it is full experience can be used)
22:Added Anti_exp system 100% tested and functional
23:Effecte system for Render target (Now will appear the effects of open objects in render target)
24:Added function to render target system to see weapon skins.
25:Overlap of reborn system with player level has been fixed.
26:Fixed an issue where some races could not use Render Target.
27:Christmas costume textures 2018 2019 2020 have been fixed for female races.
28:New costumes (Snake) have been added.
29:New friezes (Snake) have been added.
30:New monsters (Snake) have been added.
31:Overlap of reborn system with player rank has been fixed.
32:Fixed reborn system where activated skills were reset.
Pictures 2.2.7 -> Infomanii - Din pasiune pentru jocuri !

V2.2.8 Premium update (Wing's Power) [01.04.2021]
1:Removed the "Metin2 Arena" advertisement from dungeon 115.
2:Added drops in some chests like (Athena's Chest, Mystery Chests and others)
3:Removed about 7 useless items (client/server)
4:Changed the bonuses of the Special effects all will give 1500 Pv.
5:Fixed the textures of the Muslim Shaman M/F costumes
6:Fixed time reset scroll for ALL dungeons.
7:Added 100% functional Biologist System. Tested
8:Added dungeon timers now on F6 key we will have Dungeon Info + Timers system.
9:In the Ancient Dungeon Lv115, fixed a problem where only one member of the group could take the Final Reward.
10:Added a new map (Owl Dungeon) (Owl Catacomb) Lv 200 - > 250
11:The old Wisdom Room dungeon has been changed, now it will be from Level 175->200.
12:The Sihrama Desert map to increase from level 175 to 200 has been removed.
13:Fixed an issue with the "Immune to Unknowing" bonus that sometimes didn't count 100%.
14:FoxFx encryption has been added.
15:Fixed summer hat for female shaman.
16:Created a quest with reborn info from level 105.
18:Mobs in Owl Dungeon map will drop Gold (Rank2 items from previous updates will be created with it).
19:Hide_Costumes_System_Extended added (Now you can see what items the player you are fighting is hiding).
20:Added Remove Buff Affects System (You will be able to remove received/wanted skills from a shaman with a single click).
21:C++ Animated Wings system added
22:Added about 15 animated wings with .mde effecte.
23:Fixed time for : lollipop , crescent ring , joy ring , emotion mask [D].
24:Upgraded to Granny 2.9 -> 2.11.
25:Added Hide Effects system

V2.2.9 (Pet's Renewal) [21.04.2021].
1:Changed the icons of all new mounts to match their appearance
2:Changed the icons of all new animated wings to match their appearance
3:Changed the icons of the itemshop armors
4:Added icons for classic Chinese costumes&friezes.
5:Added FULL NOTICE function now the writing in /b command will appear globally (for all players on the server)
6:Added Death Ruller Costumes along with their friezes
7:Added Sakura SAmurai Costumes with their friezes
8:Added University Costumes with their haircuts
9:Added 2021 Pasta Costumes with their 2 textures haircuts
10:Added skins for Student weapons.
11:Added Commander of Death weapon skins
12:Fixed about 10 local syserr_string errors
13:Fixed about 5 syserr errors related to npc's
14:Fixed about 5 syserr errors related to regen in some maps
15:Added a new C++ system, remote stores (on taskbar)
16:Changed all quests for getting , summoning , cal level.
17:Check item has been removed (it will be possible to enter the maps with grow and exp rings)
18:Fixed timers for Nemere & Razador Dungeons & Devil's Dungeon.
19:The quest for the blue dragon has been fixed.
20:Removed the Camp map with Desert Snakes.
21:The quest for the Craios belts has been removed.
22:NewPetSistem (Instructors on official) has been reinstalled.
23:The experience with items function has been removed from the companion system. The companion will now only grow with experience received from mobi.
24:The maximum level of the companion will now be the same as the player depending on CONFIG.
25:A new feature has been added to the Insurgent System that offers extra bonuses depending on the Evolution of the Insurgent.
26:Fixed a problem with the instewards where they did not receive experience.
27:Added normal pet system.
28:A new TYPE has been created for the pet system, which will be able to equip pets with special bonuses.
29:A new slot has been created on the male/female inventory to equip new pets.
30:Modified/rearranged the opening icon of the costume equipment.
31:Removed itemshop button from inventory.
32:Added function to open normal warehouse and function to open itemshop warehouse.
33:Implemented 15 simple pets (without egg).
34:Bonuses +1500Pv have been assigned to each new pet.
35:Fixed a bug where you could add/change bonuses on type 33 items (site attack defense).
36:The caster has been changed, being permanent it will not stack anymore.
37:Spawn Captain Yonghan changed from 240s to 60s
38:Crafted ore ex (Ebonite, gold, diamond) will no longer be added to the special deposit. only uncrafted ore will remain in the special deposit.
39:Unnecessary amounts of items in the apprentice chest (e.g. cloaks/rock/criticism/skullcap) have been removed as only 1 of each is needed permanently.
40:Seungryong metin spawn has been changed from 25m to 5min
41:Mantles have been fixed (as they are permanent, you will not get 20 when you buy them but only 1)

[V2.3.0 (Mailbox) 17.05.2021]
1:Removed from the database tables : web , mysql_runup , performance_schema_b
2:Fixed bug in pvp where you couldn't throw mobs & players.
3:Removed double objects from /full command in cmd_gm.cpp.
4:Removed 854 useless objects/items from item_proto.
5:Fixed blue dragon entry with a code greater than 2 digits.
6:Changed Hide_Costume system (New system includes hide weapon/armor effects).
7:Fixed subtypes for Mount&Arms -> they will now read the same type and subtype in both client and server.
8:Offline Shop Search V.0.1 added.
9:Added a special map for offline_shops.
10:Changed shop limit in new shop map to 999 (allowed shops) on ch1 and ch2.
11:Shop map has been added to Dungeon Timer (you will be able to teleport directly).
12:In the shop map is not allowed to fight of any kind (duel, free etc.).
13:When using the "Manunchi" in a map other than the shop map you will be informed about the shop map.
14:The chat has been locked in the shops map.
15:Mailbox system added (you can send items/money/messages) to players who are online or not. (they will find them in the mailbox in map1).
16:Fixed a bug in mailbox where money could not be sent.
17:It will no longer be possible to move items from special storage to normal inventory.
18:Fixed some functions about atach deatach for the special warehouse system.
19:Added SWITCHBOT C++
20:The duplicate item exploit in switchbot has been fixed.
21:Fixed functions in clientmanagerplayer/player.item where it was missing (belt_inventory)
22:Removed items from mob_proto (drop_item)
23:Removed unused lines from refine_proto
24:Fixed errors and Hide costume system (now active/inactive costume options will appear in chat)
25:Client errors of pet per slot have been fixed (now pet will have effects)

[V2.3.1 (Talisman-Elemental) 14.06.2021]
1:Fixed a crash core of the biologist system at mission level 70.
2:Changed biologist time from 24h to 1h.
3:Biolog system has been translated from 50% Romanian to 100% English.
4:The level of the last biolog missions has been changed 92->95 , 94-105.
5:Biolog's reward items have been changed.
6:2 new bonuses have been added (Strong against methinks, strong against bosses).
7:Fixed mailbox message below minimap.
8:Talisman system has been added
9:A new subtype for talismans has been created.
10:A new male/female inventory slot has been created for talismans.
11:Added talismans (Fire, Boot, Earth, Darkness, Lightning, Wind) +0 - +20.
12:Added item system
13:Added new bonuses (Critical Resistance , Run Resistance , Ice, Fire , Earth, Darkness , Electri , Wind , Semi-Hom
vulnerable (sword , 2 hands , dagger , fan , bell , bow).
strong against (desert monsters, insects, fire, ice, wind, etc).
14:All new bonuses have been added to the bonuses page.
15:Elemental bonuses have been assigned specific colours.
16:System icons on the inventory have been changed.
17:New loading images have been added.
18:Added DISCORD_RPC function -poice :

[V2.3.2 (Elemental Realm) 24.07.2021]
1:A new map has been added (Road to Elemental Realm) -- You will need to kill monsters and find the key to open the portal that will send you to the first elemental map, namely Ice and Electricity.
2:Ice and Electricity elemental map has been added (here you will be able to level up from 105 -> 115) in the meantime you will need to kill the bushmen to get the elemental talismans for the next elemental map which is Fire and Wind.
3:Added fire and wind element map (here you can grow from level 115 - > 125) in the meantime it will be necessary to kill bushmen to obtain element talismans for the next map, namely earth and darkness.
4:Added the earth and darkness elemental map (here you will be able to level up from 125 - > 135) OPTIONAL to kill bushes for huge rewards.
5:Added new mobs + bosses for all element maps.
6:Regen.txt boss.txt has been created for each new map.
7:Adapted monster experience in element maps.
8:Adapted dmg , drop , hp , defense skills for all new monsters.
9:Resized every boss in every element map.
10: Portals have been added to the upper maps.
11:Added restriction from level 135 in the last map.
12:Added refine_set for 0 + 20 charms.
13:Added instigation quests for element maps.
14:Added drops to upgrade talismans up to +20
15:Experience points for each mob have been changed to increase differently in each item map.
16:Fixed a minibug where the offline shop menu does not appear in the shop map.
17:Changed the size of the refinement potions to remove a bug in the client.
18:Resized liquor icons for refinement and for the system itself
Pictures update 2.3.2:


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